No more loose straps!

Sale! 49 ILS instead 59 ILS for 2 units or more (each)


The product is designed to hold the end of the Hand-Tefillin strap in place

The product is made of pure high-quality kosher leather, combined with two strong magnets inside

Yes. The product has been approved by some of the leading Poskim. The list of rabbis who approved and their letters of approval appear in our company website

It is very easy, simple, and quick.

No. The product can stay permanently on the Hand-Tefillin strap. There is no need to remove it.

No. The product is made out of high-quality materials that will last for many years.

Yes. The product fits both perfectly.

With Ashkenazi Tefillin, the strap is inserted from the left side (downwards) and comes out on the right (upwards). In Sephardic Tefillin, the strap is inserted from  the right. The recommended length from the end of the strap is about 30cm (~12") after inserting the strap.

No. As of today, this product cannot be found in any shops. It can only be purchased through our company website or on the phone.

Yes. The product fits all Tefillin varieties and is made to be used by all ages.

Yes. The product comes with a 10-year warranty subject to the terms and conditions as detailed on our website

Yes. You can call +972-3-500-7008 (international call rates may apply)

Absolutely! The product comes in a luxurious gift box and will be greatly appreciated as a Bar-Mitzvah present.

No. Product prices do not include shipping costs. Please refer to our shipping policy as indicated in our website.