The Snap-on Tefillin Clip

The best solution for loose straps

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49 ILS instead 64 ILS for 3 units or more (each)

OT - Snap-On Tefillin Clip

OT clip lock the edge of the hand tefillin strap tightly and ease, and prevents it from loosening during prayer. The clip has important halacha advantages – 1. Prevents cracks and peels in the black color, which important to keep the tefillin kosher 2. Prevents distraction during prayer, caused by the "messing up" with loosening strap. 3. Adorn the tefillin.

  • OT is made of a 100% kosher leather and includes 2 strong magnets hidden inside and help to tie the edge of the tefillin strap.
  • OT easily connects to the tefillin strap and stays on it, without the need to remove it at the end of the prayer.
  • OT is suitable for all types and sizes of tefillin straps and does not cause any 'buffering'.


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OT Advantages

  • Aproved by the great rabbis of the time
  • Keeps the strap stretched
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Allows quick clasping and releasing of the strap
  • Keeps the Tefillin strap straight and firmly in place during prayer
  • Made of 100% pure kosher leather
  • Once easily attached to the Tefillin strap, there’s no need to remove it

OT – Tefillin Holder
Approved by the great rabbis of the time

"According to the Halacha, this product allowed be used, because the end of the hand strap is not part of the "tefillin tie."

Great rabbi Sariel Rosenberg, Shlita

"… and called his name OT – Tefillin Holder and it is a fine and excellent thing and should be used so that the tefillin will not be removed from their proper place". 

Great Rabbi Moshe Brandsdorfer Shlita

Get 20% discount! 49 ILS instead 64 ILS for 3 units or more (each)